You asked for it, so the Boys made it happen.

The return of Shower Malik.

There are always whispers going around whether or not this or that rapper is really about the life they are talking about in their lyrics. From rented cars and clothes to borrowed jewellery and video vixens, not everyone is really about what they are portraying in the videos and lyrics.

With so many Instagram accounts promoting the luxurious of rappers, younger generations are easily and heavily influenced to buy a brick. Everything has been blown way out of proportion and rappers are looking to do or say the next best thing to take propel them to the top, although a lot of rappers claim they don’t even want to ‘make it’. That they are happy on the block with the homies. But as soon a record deal is put on the table they are making a 720 second long Snapchat story and uploading them to Instagram one by one, just damaging their monthly data allowance.

Anyway back to the point, if we were to run a CRB check on these rappers would they really live up to expectation? Message to the younger generation, don’t believe everything you see and Instagram.

Shower Malik gives his perspective on the state of the music industry, how he has managed to keep it real for so long and experiencing a different type of training & being one of the toughest light-skin utes to move how he moved in Peckham.

We also get some information on the Brixton vs Peckham beef and reminisce on the Norte Dame vs St Saviours girl school beef which backed up traffic for miles in South London.

If you didn’t already know Shower Malik is a real character, pay real close attention to the jokes he dropping. Courtesy of Wray & Nephews the conversation gets flowing ASAP.

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Twitter – @Shower_M

Instagram – Shower_Malik

And dont forget to check out his music and latest mixtape B.O.B with Trims