Why do we have such an issue with people dating outside of their race?

Some say they can’t see colour, that’s totally down to you… but you can definitely see culture!!! That shit is damn near in the air, and if you have been to some peoples houses, you will know you can even smell it.

Whats worse dating outside of your race, or outside of your culture?

Leave me alone Becky

Whats better than one cast member from BKChat, two? The BOYS on another episode with the lovely and beautiful Nissy & Sia from BKChat. We all love the show so why not bring them to a foreign land where they can see how the 90s babies get down.

We discuss a lot of things in this episode, so ensure to pay attention to the jokes & Jewels. As usual, considering we got some smart and banterful people in the studio (banterful is not a word but fuck it). We do some deep dives into the up and coming Black Panther film which there has been a lot of talk of with its ticket sales record in marvel and Michael B Jordans girlfriend. Should we date outside of culture? because culture is taught so its not always a race issue? Some people find it hard dating out of their race but is this just a culture issue?

We got the tools to do great things. we can’t allow another culture or race overshadow or hold back our own. Be you and be great.

Leave me alone Becky

We also do some more digging into stop and search and Dave’s recent tweets about bringing it back. Do you agree? Temi mentions some results from David Lammy’s study into stop and search and the idea of deferred prosecution. Should this be a thing? Listen in if you are unfamiliar with the concept

Being the virtuous women Nissy & Sia are, we of course got some great points and stories to consider… we also spoke of weave and why girls wear it… the lads question whether you can really love your culture if you wear another races hair? To which the girls had an interesting and educating answer. Let us know what you think.

So much going on in the UK we cannot cover it all but we will apply that 90s baby ideology to everything we do 😉

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