Is walking in on your son having sex the same as walking in on your daughter having sex…. Don’t worry we got 7 men from 4 different podcast to explain… we will get to the bottom of this!

We told you the event was coming with BlackBarbie Events so incase you didn’t know, we all linked up to give you some podcast chaotic justice!? Not sure if that makes sense but lets run with it

We link up with DMD, Triggered and Off The Cuff Podcast to have a ‘talk’. We tried as best to keep to noise down and be respectful of others talking, but bare with all the personality in the room!

We go into discussion about rape, fatherhood, and why there is a difference between walking in on your son having sex to walking in on your daughter (from a mans perspective of course). Mandem know exactly what they would rather but for those that dont know, here are 7 lads willing to explain.

Whats interesting is the different ways we would deal with it and how our upbringings have given us different approaches to how we would deal with our sons and daughters. 2 fathers in the room with daughters also give a true to life perspective as its definitely a possibility for them.

We also discuss Fred’s dating situation, How lying can be nothing to a man, and also what we would like to teach our kids.

Remember to buy tickets for the BlackBarbie event on Thursday 28th of December 2017 as we will all be there.