This week the Boys are joined by the first Hijab model Mariah Idrissi and upcoming artists Nylah to talk about the engagement of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry.

Rumours have sparked that the engagement was planned even before the kids were more as Meghan’s father has some sort of links to the Royal Family. However as usual Fred is having none of the conspiracy theories and suggest Meghan should look to get pregnant ASAP before theres even a chance for things to go south.

Temi feels like Barack Obama, Meghan does not do enough for the black community. However as a mixed race women does she have to?

The questions of why are lighties the acceptable face of Black follows on from our conversation with the Hashtag Lightie cast. Is Meghan’s engagement a win for Black people as a whole, can we claim her…. even though she’s getting married to a white man?

We also discuss the issues currently happening in Libya with slavery and how we feel governments are ignoring the desperate cries for help. It has been left to us to clan together and raise awareness as well as call for a protest outside of the Libyan embassy.

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