Some people are blessed with a pull out game and some are blessed with kids… Its all about perspective, but there are blessings both sides of this sword .

To be fair we are getting to that age where having kids is the norm if we haven’t already. Hopefully we will be responsible when we decide to have them! But a long time ago it was all about the pull out game and being a bit irresponsible with sex and our own sexual health. If she is on the pill we are in there with no condom, and if she isnt, we are in there with no condom and gambling with 2 lives (potentially 3 if she gets pregnant)

The lads are joined by good friend RD who grew up in the same area and is a model father of 3 Boys (avoided the players curse). His pull out game is non existent but he has had 3 blessings due to this, so why start pulling out now right? More blessings upon blessings for RD.

We dive in to deep conversations about custody, raising children and father-son relationships, as RD hasn’t had any dialogue with his father, and Fred’s dad hasn’t been in the picture since his early teens.

Of course we discuss some of the scandals like Jennifer Hudson cheating on her fiancé with a gospel artist.

But most importantly, we have a brother in the studio who started having kids at 19, had 3 since, has custody of them all, and is a great role model. Bar the jokes and the banter, this is somebody to be appreciated and replicated as we need to hear more of these men in all communities – especially black!

Lets celebrate the good fathers and raise a generation of greater ones!