Ever thought mixed race people have to choose a side???
Ever met a light skinned guy or girl that behaved more entitled due to knowing the currency of their skin??

Well we had some questions for our guest this week!?

The BOYS are joined by some of the cast of #Lightie; Daniel (Producer), Adele (Actor), Sophia (Actor) to go through some issues affecting people of colour specifically and more. The discussion finds itself in many different places but subconsciously linking back to the play overall; from social media being a double edged sword, “Acting light skinned”, domestic abuse and more.

What’s interesting is that white privilege is discussed often, however within races and complexions we see there are privileges within the privileges. Sophia mentions a time she became aware of her privilege when her friend of a darker complexion mentioned she would be preferred over her if they both applied for the same job.

Of course there is always Jokes and Jewels within the conversation, so pay close attention as everybody expresses their views.

You can find more information about the #Lightie Theatre Production which will be on from 14 November – 2nd December

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