Imagine you are on a first date with somebody. Your date reassures you that it is ok to park somewhere; but you meet a ticket on your windshield when you come out of your lovely date…. Who should pay for it??? Your date because he suggested it? You because its your car and you are an adult? Or is it finally cool to go DUTCH!??

The BOYS are back with an episode and joined by Friend and actor Lauryn Marshall to discuss some dilemmas that have been sent in.

The conversation leads into different areas due to the 2 dilemmas discussed.

1. Should somebody pay your parking ticket if they told you to park somewhere on a date
2. Should you cancel the guy if he makes excuses to go on a date ut goes out that night?

May seem obvious but with different perspectives in the room and the banter rolling its always an interesting conversation.

Watch out for work coming up from Lauryn and as usual stay tuned for more podcast, radio, and visuals on the 90s baby show youtube channel!

Guest – Lauryn Marshall
Twitter – @LaurynMarsha
Instagram – Laurynmarshall


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