The lads hit you with a their quarterly soliloquies… Some of Alchemy’s gold and Santana’s Sermon

Temi Alchemy – Death is inevitable, we only know life so we dont fully understand it or even want to accept it at times. I feel its a way of keeping life in perspective. Death tends to be acknowledged only when its present and makes you appreciate life… but this appreciation is short lived most of the time. Imagine that appreciation everyday. Using death in this way has allowed me to live with a new energy and capitalise on everyday breathing. Don’t let an actual death come about before you appreciate your life. Use death to be grateful, thankful, appreciative and zestful in life

Fred Santana – For those of us who have haters wishing on our downfall its slyly a good thing, we should always be thinking of ways to gather more haters by the new year. People don’t hate on those doing less than them. But for you haters out there, how do you find all this time to hate on people that don’t even know you. So worried about what they are doing, you end up doing nothing with yourself. Life is short its time to float off earth.