Sometimes get the Real O.G’s (YOUR PARENTS), and have a conversation with them about life.


It takes a village to raise a child… and these two were definitely raised by a solid community… Wonder how we will raise our children as a community in ‘western’ societies…

You can learn from your own experiences, peers, and school, but we often don’t take the jewels and lessons from our very own parents. The BOYS took full advantage with this episode; connecting to the source.

A lot of us children are first generation, meaning our parents went through serious trials and tribulations to get where they are. From growing up in their countries, to coming to foreign land with little to no help, to raising us kids (some of us more of a headache than others). Our parents are not our friends at first but as you grow you appreciate the lessons and things they taught.

the conversation finds itself on the topics of depression, immigration and upbringing; both for them and raising us. There is definitely more to speak of but let this conversation serve as a intro to many more conversations; some of this nature and maybe some a bit more dark to uncover unknown truths and pains they experienced.

The conversation would have started with a song but we had some technicals unfortunately. Not all is lost, we ensured to end it in real Nigerian style!

Enjoy, and word of advice; speak to your parents whilst they are still here, connect back to your source and where it all started.