Been a long time since the Lads spoke marriage. Thought its best to get some experts in. The BOYS are joined by Team Swoduel (Swodei & Emmanuel Jones) to discuss the great thing we call Marriage in society; Lovely vows to the nitty Gritty things that each other can’t stand!

most people have a create a partner function in their head – which dodges all possibilities of reality in most cases. We sit with a couple that has been married for 2+ Years and going strong! As they are on Social Media they give an interesting take on foundations and why they approach the internet differently from usual ‘Social Media Couples’. They work off their foundation built before the camera…

We delve in to the Terroll and Nakita situation; everybody gives their objective opinion respectfully which causes a lot more questions to be asked and answered about the situation

At the end of the day we all want marriage (Or do we?) and we all want that perfect person… NEWS FLASH…. No such thing as a perfect person but who are you willing to tolerate… Who’s L’s and W’s are you looking to join in on? Who do you really want to be with for the rest of your life?

Hard questions but on the route to it… LETS HAVE SOME FUN

Keep a look out for Team Swoduel on Youtube and Social medias – Fantastic channel about relationships and married lifestyle.