We discuss ‘D’ but not that type this time. The big scary one this time (No pun intended) The lads talk about Depression with guest this week.

We start with an excerpt from a radio show we did with Bonkas some months back – the clip depicts how social media can help hide people hide behind false perceptions they create and how different it is from real life.

The BOYS are joined by many this week. The Eternal Ages Group, Alika, and Alph Arley who are all doing their bit in society to help with mental health awareness one way or another; and have 1st hand experience of depression.

the ‘D’ word is being thrown about way more frequently now. Is it that more people are depressed these days? Is it an increase in diagnosis and awareness? Is it the ever changing society we are living in that keeps us reactive rather than proactive? Who knows, but if we weren’t familiar with the term before we definitely are in this era

Temi coming from a more ignorant point of view due to not experiencing it (or at least not labelling him self) speaks from a place of inquisitive ignorance; after all ignorance can bring great questioning. Fred on the other hand has had experiences like our guest so the conversation gets deep and unravels some old and new truths.

The whole conversation pools different questions and answers from dark and light places of everybody’s life. it definitely isnt easy to speak about what you go through but talking definitely helps and is advised when suffering from something so serious

The conversation speaks for itself so have a listen, learn, and share in order to hep somebody who may need it just as much if not more.

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