The BOYS bring old friend B Moni to redeem himself. he was on the ropes last time

What was meant to be a lighthearted conversation transpired into something a bit more serious.

The lads start with 90s baby questions to get warm, but get into the subject of raising kids. The question ‘What is something you would teach your child from early? came up, which lead to conversation of how we were raised and what we wish we were given.

We showed appreciation for what our parents gave us, but sometimes we feel as though, maybe they could have appreciated our efforts and encouraged us more. Sometimes parents pass down fears and their own regrets to us which can apply unnecesary pressure. there are the rare anomalies that have support from african parents but for the most part; they want us to be what they couldn’t. This can be good bad right or wrong; and is natural for a parent, but nobody says i want to be a Doctor, or lawyer or, who says i am even an academic to go and study for a degree.

In the Defiant Ones documentary, jimmy iovine explains his dad said to him from a child ‘when ever you enter a room you should make the room better’. Were you encouraged and dropped gems like this when you were young? or did you feel like when your parents spoke it was a command?

it goes onto what we will be as parents and how will we give our child better upbringings. by the way, we are appreciative of our upbringings and know that it is what made us who we are… maybe life would have been a bit cosier with a few more encouraging words

Of course things took a turn as Temi drops news of him leaving the ‘Haven’t cum from head gang’. IT FINALLY HAPPENED! The lads get some input from the DIVA on the side and get into conversation about how women hold back orgasms and that they should take more responsibility for not having one… The man cant always be at fault… right?


Either way, wear a condom until its the right time, and make sure you teach your kids the right thing when it comes to raising them…