The BOYS didn’t know that a woman couldn’t got jail for rape until this conversation! The lads attempted to have a light hearted stroll down memory lane, but it soon turns left to Feminism, Rape & if there is ever a time a man is right to expect sex from a female?

This week the lads are joined by fellow podcaster Derek from Mostly Lit, which is a podcast about literature; which also makes you think, The lads must talk some sense if he reckons he can have a conversation with them.

The conversation starts on talking about how we were with girls before the ‘Glow Up’ and funny interactions with old school girls. (Side note, did we get into relationships because we really liked the person? or because they were showing us the most attention at the time and were available? funny/ sad enough, some people still need to answer this question…

Along the way down memory lane, Derek drops the MF bomb. Thats right – he is a ‘MALE FEMINIST’. He almost moved on, but Temi wasnt going to let that happen so easily. The lads probe him on this to see if he is for equality or is dude leading the burning bra protests. Some feminist believe they do not need men (which is stupid), So can a man be a feminist and still be for male rights too? Are male feminist the most level headed feminist because they have both perspectives…. I wonder what women feel about male feminist anyway… but thats another discussion for another day.

The lads dive deeper into it as they discuss whether it is it right for a man to expect sex if a girl enters his room? (which Temi has contrasting views to Fred and Derek), amber rose slut walk and whether it is perpetuating something it intends to diminish, and Derek drops some key information about rape laws for women.

Tune in and feel free to let us know your thoughts about some of the talking topics. – Should rape laws be changed rape, Is it right to expect sex from a woman if she comes into your room? Is the Slut Walk doing more harm than good?

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