All good and well laughing at Chris Rock but he is an intellectual comedian; and is definitely onto something

With all that is going on in the world imagine if bullets were more expensive…. we know guns are on our streets but if bullets were expensive; you would think twice before you shoot. it ma just keep the peace for abit longer as finances would come in to play

the Lads decided to sit down and just over view some of the crazy things happening in the world. people getting killed within London at such a quick rate is worrying for everyone – whether young middle aged or young

As well as stabbings, there has been a high level of FUCKERY going on in the news. People not going to prison because of their grades; Kardashians, girls thinking they are too pretty, Kardashians, lol …. what a time to be a alive

its great to talk about fun things – sex, money, dating, etc, but sometimes sit back, reflect and try to rationalise ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY’

Clearly nothing rational going on but, the BOYS are happy to talk about illogical shit going on at any time 😉