It’s 2017 and there are some virgins still about. They may be new age, but they exist. Now, my question is: Are they fulfilling their responsibility? Telling the truth and telling it on time?

The Boys are joined by Hitori Shun and a lovely anonymous lady to who claims she is a virgin. But the definition of a virgin is still ambiguous. Maybe virgins are only about because there isn’t a concrete definition.

Being a virgin is seen as being pure but how pure are these new age virgins? What allows one to claim this holy title? Is it an unmarried person that hasn’t been sexually immoral as the bible says? If so, how many virgins would there be in the world right now? Or is it something you can claim if you haven’t had vaginal sex? Some people save their vaginal virginity for marriage, but their anus is getting ragged out… Can they call themselves a virgin if they opt for anal penetration instead of vaginal penetration?

What if a man has anal sex only, can he claim to be a virgin like a woman could?

If virgins are classed by people that have had vaginal sex, can a homosexual male that has never had sex with a woman claim to be a virgin?

What about those that use sex toys for sexual stimulation but haven’t even had interaction with a real penis? Are those dildos real enough to take their virginity?

Oh oh oh… How about…. When it comes to males losing their virginity, does it depend on whether he ejaculates or not? If he didn’t buss, is it a body?

Ahhh… There are too many questions. We can only address a few, but it inspires an interesting conversation nonetheless.

For those that claim to be ‘VIRGINS’, we say this: You have a responsibility to let everyone you are talking to ‘like that’ know, or wear a t-shirt lol. We don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask, “Are you a virgin?” Maybe that is a dated question. Maybe we need a scale and we should ask; HOW MUCH OF A VIRGIN ARE YOU?

Fair enough?