Story of our life right

“They say this is a big rich town…. YEAHHHH, I just come from the POOREST PARRTTTTT!!!!!”

London is definitely a big rich town with loads of money in it; whether that be dirty or clean. The places that herald success probably host all of the white collar crime (**COUGH Canary Wharf COUGH**)

But in these so called slums are diamonds like us. raised a certain way and just want to change our lives with that thing we call money.

This week the 1992 BOYS sit down with entrepreneur Charles Gordon to talk about that property ladder that seems so unclimbable. Charles says its climbable and hes a credible source, but its hard to listen to somebody talk about the ease of something when he got a new drop top Bentley Continental outside lol. Or maybe its best to listen and take note?

The Lads have a good time and dont hold back any banter as always but, this being similar to Guns and Butter…. When you bring in an OG who knows more, you let them talk and its nothing but Jewels and Jokes.

Laugh and Learn with this one