So many Podcast say how men think, or advise women, but there are very few that give genuine advice for men when it comes to dating. How about stop giving out ‘FREE DICK’ 
The 1.9.92 Boys are joined by Neverlusen TV members Kimbisco & Fingerz alongside 2 mystery female guest to discuss this theory of ‘Free Dick’ or the Price of it.
Guys need to stop seeing it as ‘she let me fuck’ or ‘gave me the Cooch’…. its 2017, it’s time to wise up and realise you gave her D…. and that has more value in the market place than we think. If guys started making sure a woman deserved the D, maybe females wouldn’t behave so entitled these days.
What is Free Dick – Free dick is when you have sex with a woman that hasn’t done anything to deserve it, you simply gave it to her because she allowed it but hasn’t actually worked for it. 
Have you gone on numerous dates, paid for all the snacks for Netflix n Chill sessions, picked her up and dropped her home every time, then after you smashed you think you deserved it? Yes, you deserved it but ask yourself…. did she deserve?
We are at a time where Free dick is readily available on the market and it needs to stop! A female should contribute! Pay for a round of drinks, order a pizza, foot the bill every now and then, or at least help you clean your room…
Always ask yourself…. does she deserve it? You will realised many girls you have encountered have not… but the Boys are here to tell you: Value your D and give it to those that work for it…