Heed-n-iz-uh m

The doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good.

It’s just the way i feel. So many people listening to others so they aren’t paying attention to what makes them happy. I achieved a goal of getting something I wanted for ages; 2 years to be exact. It damn near haunted me until I got it

Once I’ve obtained it, somebody came with their 2 pence to tell me how I should have spent my money. But should everything make financial sense? There is always a rule of how to spend, when to spend, what to spend. What about good ole I did it because it was a goal or i did it because it made me happy!

Materials make you happy short term, but achieving goals is happiness for a life time; Nothing like the joy you get from it. I’d go on to say it is addictive and magical.

So stick to your script, because you live with yourself 24/7 and know how you should be living