The Boys have invited another 80s baby down to the studio to chop it up.

This time the conversation is a little more serious and motivational.

The culturally popular Mr Oshodi has come to bless the boys with his, wisdom, knowledge and personal experiences.

As usual, the episode begins with a song to raise the mood in the studio, we also have a few dilemmas and random questions for Mr Oshodi.

But ultimately we want to discover what is was like to be an 80s baby, and what pushed him to go down the roads he has gone down in life. We talk being raised by a single parent and how that has impacted his childhood and how he has chosen to raise his child. There is nothing better than to hear someone speaking from experience.

So the boys weigh in where they can but also soak up a lot of the messages Mr Oshodi is providing them.

This episode can inspire anyone. Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Is there passion and drive in what you are doing, if you stop doing it, will you stop being who you really are?

You can keep up to date with what Mr Oshodi is doing via his Instagram: mr_oshodi or twitter: @Mr_Oshodi