The Boys have invited Fred’s university house mate into the studio to chop it up and talk funny university stories and how the ‘Bro Code’ goes out the window as soon as you complete your UCAS application.

Have you ever broke the bro code or girl code for our female listeners. The unwritten rule of don’t date your homies ex…. unless you call him and ask permission…

What about just sex? Are you allowed to just have sex with them, but there is a high risk of you getting lost in the sauce if it feels like mac and cheese.

Fred Shares a story of a time he feels the guest Demi snaked him on a girl he was interested in, the stories goes back and forth until Demi drops a bomb that Fred has been unaware of.

Disclaimer… This all happened at university. The boys have all changed since and have matured. However, if you get into a relationship with any of them it is at your own risk.

Oh yeah and the saying is, ‘niggas talk more than bitches these days’. One it is a talk show and two we try and keep the name dropping to a minimum. If you feel a story is about you, it probably is… and a few others…. If the shoe fits init 😉