Does love have a colour?

Some say they don’t see colour, but how true is this? It doesn’t make you racist to have a preference which is your own race… does it?

The Boys sit down with friends about the different colours of people they have dated. Fred has an outlook of not caring, whilst Temi has only dated within his race his whole life and is sticking to what he knows.

Without even discussing racism which is obvious, we can all accept there are major cultural barriers and clashes that come about through interracial dating or dating outside of your culture. Hell… tell a Nigerian to bring a Jamaican home and there could still be problems!

Is it an easy way out staying within your race and culture or is it imperative to stick to tradition?

A few digressions within the conversation as usual, but have a think. If you date outside your race or culture, why? And if you don’t,! Why not?

Colour exist… Let’s not be ignorant, but should it matter in picking a partner???

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