Have you heard this term ‘YORUBA DEMON’ – absolute nonsense!

We have had enough of this term which keeps men down especially that of the Yoruba tribe which Temi & Fred are from

The BOYS decided to investigate a few cases to see if we could defend some of the men that may have been… you know…labelled unfairly. also invited the The DIVA & Fola to help us in court with their obvious bias

Ok maybe you cant defend a man that leaves his long term partner to start a new family with a woman in a new country – that is inexcusable. However… we felt to dive into this subject as sometimes girls may be reaching, or it could be a breakdown in communication!

We invited listeners to send some ‘Yoruba Demon’ stories in via the email and had too many to go through! The lads tried to defend them as best as possible; and gave in whenever the demon activity was too much – After all the BOYS are always fair and honest

Going forward, the term ‘Yoruba Demon’ should probably not be used. men are men; they can be bad or good as girls can. Don’t bring down Nigeria with some of these men or women that did you wrong

Feel free to send in any ‘Yoruba Demon’ stories of your own as we may have to cover this one again – especially some horror stories about the females – Info@90sbabyshow.co.uk