Chin Chin & Alizé

It’s happened again… the 1992 boys decided to throw some Alizé in the mix and talk reckless.

We were kindly sent some dilemmas from listeners and they wanted some advice! No way could the boys say no so these issues were addressed and some advice was given. If this wasn’t the advice you was hoping for blame it on the alcohol.
But you should be getting yourself in these situations anyway. It’s your fault.
The boys also invited a guest down to the studio to share some stories and body count. As usual no one is willing to share their body count. Either it’s to low for their liking or to high they don’t want to be looked at like a jounge.
The boys take a small trip down memory lane and reminisce about what it was like trying to increase their body count at University.

Have you ever used a Kilo of Chin Chin to lure a girl back to your room?
Remember if you have any dilemmas or would like any advice – feel free to send into


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