The 90s babies invite B Moni down to the studio to talk growing up black in London.

Yeah there has been a lot of fun times for us which you’ll hear on past and future episodes, but in this particular episode we talk about the problems of growing up black.

Gang culture, school life, dealing with the police on a daily basis and handling the stereotype created by the media.

We were told by our parents we need to work twice as hard to go far in life, but are we holding ourselves back by holding grudges or just being angry at life in general as if life owes us something?

Are we being lazy thinking we will be promised everything when judgement day comes and God lets us into Heaven?

Fred has the mind set of wanting to take on the world, is the task to big? Temi seems to think everything is ‘cooning’ while B Moni’s views are very strong, you can decided if he is right.

This episode is full of strong views, things got very heated in the studio, so it is definitely not for those that take offence easily.