Fred has some serious stuff to get off his chest but Temi came to the studio drunk.

In this episode the 90s Babys invited Hitori Shun to the studio to talk a little nonsense about the funny shit that runs through a mans mind during sex.

The ultimate goal during sex is to buss a nut, so all that holding the nut back or pulling out is long. Fred is old school he don’t pull out, but sometimes men want to mark their territory and pull out and nut on a body party. It’s part of the sport so men can let the women know they now own things around here.

But sometimes we want the sex to last we when we are doing our thing and you look down at the booty shaking, so you have to start thinking of errands you need to run or FIFA tactics to slow down the process.

There are a lot we can learn from polar bears and why we should nut quick, which Hitori Shun explains. If you don’t in the girl and trap her another brother will.
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