If somebody said they were pregnant and a virgin In This day and age… What would you say?

Jesus is coming again! If a man said he was the messiah and that he has returned.. Would you believe or would the bible repeat itself again?
Pastors should be able to live well, but what about them being uber rich and on the Forbes list… Does this sit right with you?
Seems like it’s the new ‘cool’ thing to say “I’m spiritual”. What does this mean though? Everybody is spiritual these days. Is his just lazy faith?
Fred and Temi both believe in a higher being but religion isn’t something they go for. Both explain their personal relationship with God but also their struggles and difficulties with the bible

Temi breaks down the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus Christ and how believable it would be now… Just being honest. Also the story of Samson and Delilah is explored and to be fair seems more relevant and applicable. What do you think of these stories? Do you think the bible is fictitious and just a guide? Or do you believe the word and take it for what it is, no matter how extraordinary it may be?
Imagine you are In church and your boy starts wilding out because he is possessed. Could you look at him the same? You definitely have to be shameless in religion because Temi thinks that’s embarrassing.
People have so many experiences with the devil and God. Fred goes into a story of how he gained more faith after seeing God and the Devil in a dream.
Too many questions to ask but this is definitely something the 90s baby’s have to discuss again.