Back to Niaj, back to reality.

In this episode the 90s babies invite the hilarious Charlie Mase down to studio to talk about life in Nigeria in comparison to the UK.

As usual Fred and Temi want to know all things girls, Charlie hopes when he goes back he find one ting Bolu who had serious potential.

The boys also dive in conversation about Nigerian punishments and recall some funny stories about when then were beaten. Would you rather be kicked or bitten by your mum for doing some dumb shit.

The toughest thing about growing up African was having white friends who when you kicked it at their house would always have these fantastic looking dishes and all you had was rice at home with fish stew. Growing up we have become accustom to rice being at home and enjoy it.

When Ricky, Billy and Robert had all the latest games and even a TV in their rooms and you wanted to kick it there more than anything, but as an African child you already know you’re not allowed out as much as Ricky or Billy. So you’d try and find a loophole in your mums system and get your little sibling to ask. But if they snitch, you know thats when the beating is coming your way.

Oh yeah, Happy Nigerian Independence!!!!!