This week we are joined by Timbo and delve further into the topic of support

The big question is posed….in an argumentative way… Are we supporting our friends, family, and peers enough?

From the tone of the conversation, some may hear anger, but it’s not; just excuse the passion for our crafts. When we get passionate; we yell!

Support can be in many forms; monetary, social media, shit… Even hating openly is support. Even if your boy is with his girl, Big him up; ‘your job is to make his girl know that he is the man’. Support that man! It’s not only business we are talking here.

The conversation speaks for itself but keep this in mind: whenever you talk, retweet, like, repost, or share something; no matter what, weather you like it or not that is support.

Some may not understand till they are working on something they care about…but for those that do… You will agree… It’s hurtful when you don’t get support from the people you expect it from.

We discuss a few other topics such as music, goals, groupies, and we also throw our 90s baby question: Videos vixen daughter or drug dealing son

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