So Temi decided to not remember when Fred told him that he had a girlfriend at some point, that got him in trouble with his ex.

Should he care?

In this episode Fred recalls a funny time of when he was accused of cheating.

Now we all know girls will do some crazy stuff to catch you in the act, but Fred must of been very paranoid with the algebra he was doing in his head as to why he thought his ex would be setting him up. After all girls have done stranger things and at the time things didn’t seem too far fetched.

But why do you girl think we are mind readers, when we’ve done something wrong, don’t tell us to guess, it could be one of a million things. We are not trying to get in trouble for something you don’t even know we’ve done. So its best you just tell us so we can get to the bottom of it ASAP.

Now if you know Fred well, he is not about those fancy restaurants that charge £70 for a meal smaller than the palm of my hand a sauces lightly glazed across my plate.

However it felt very good for when Fred quickly realised this girl was tripping and he was a free man. But the apology he received was terrible. We know how much begging and pleading a man would have to do if he was in the wrong, but a half hearted sorry from a woman is sufficient right?

Girls are never truly apologetic, as if you’d rather us be cheats and live up to the stereotype.