Life is always about options, imagine a girl messaged you and all the message read was ‘Booty call..’, what would you do?

It’s valentines day and me personally I hate it, the roses, the food, the overall cash loss, just for some sex you can get on a regular Tuesday. Nah we ain’t down.

Valentine’s day is just another day to pipe and maybe in a different location a nicer hotel that usual. Why do girls hate being taken to the hotel.

We also take it way back to when we lost our virginity, what it was like growing up as a 90s baby and all your friends in secondary school have lost theirs and have stories to tell. There was no choice but to go and lose your virginity. Temi has a crazy story for you here but he is a dog he went back for more.

Men lie, but women lie more, I will end the description on that note.

Enjoy the show 🙂