Views From The Block

Remember your parents saying ‘You guys are so fortunate to be in this country’? Well… not sure about that after reading the housing market and listening to our guest. As 90s babies, we are going through a tough time as London is becoming more like France and other renting cities. How are we going to get on the property ladder?

Wake up now! Stop snoozing that alarm. It’s tough out here. Deposit’s are 30% plus and Laws are changing. We wish deposit’s were still around the 5k mark, or you could eventually own a property by sqautting in their for a while.

What can we do, we are young and want to enjoy our money, but technically we have to be more frugal if we want a chance of owning a house. We are at a cross road… one end has Selfridges and all of the temporary luxuries… the other has home ownership and long term investments. Which road are you going down?

But is life all about owning a home? Or is it all about going with the flow and being free? Who knows… We are still trying to figure it out ourselves.


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