Ever seen somebody break down saying ‘they’re hating’ because they put up picture and it didn’t get ‘enough’ likes?. It looks funny but this social media era has people doing everything for likes! What happened to Self value and self worth?

Its hard to be yourself these days when you are on a stage and under surveillance constantly. I have been labelled as somewhat of an ‘uncle’ who isn’t really good with technology; but i love that (not the uncle bit) because It gave me opportunity to work on myself and be great person in real life.

Everybody has met somebody they saw as ‘live’ on social media and realised the person has no substance in real life!
Everybody knows a friend stunting online and you know they are covering up some serious issues in real life!
Social media is supposed to be real life simply documented but we know it isn’t that. Oh… create your own reality, but don’t runaway from issues and ignore them.

Being fly is a mentality as well as dress sense. Own it! Label yourself, believe yourself, become…yourself 😉

Never let them dictate whats right or whats wrong to you. Keep blossoming and keep winning.