You ever been woken up from your sleep because Satan wanted to scuff you? Well Fred has, and he looked the devil right in the eye and screamed FUCK YOU! (Or Jesus take the wheel…same thing right?)

In this episode we talk about life and near death experiences. From being held at gun point to hitting the ground in your sleep when you have that dream of falling. There are so many ways to go! From crime or even somebody haunting you in your sleep. We aren’t sure how we want to go out but Lord let it be peaceful please!

But on that note…WHAT WOULD YOU DIE FOR???

We live in such a materialistic world with so much going on; its not alien for somebody to try to take your life for it. There’s humor in this episode but this is a matter that definitely exist. People can die for materials or even intangible things. So what would you die for? We ask again; That Benz outside you just bought? That PATEK PHILLIPE you are wearing? (didnt want to say ROLEX – #90sbabyscrazy) The LOUBOUTINS you spent good money on?

Or lets look at the underlying issue behind all that; would you die for your PRIDE? Seems like an easy answer but the evidence in the world today shows its not as simple is it?

We had fun with it but ask yourself; is it worth it? Be smart! and if you are a hustler they can take what they want; you can always get it back right?…right?

Unless you are an artist, as they seem to make more when they die; What use are you to the world or family if you are dead?