Have you ever tried to leave a girl and then she said she will commit suicide, well lucky enough that has not happened to us but we have both been hit with either a pregnancy scare of pregnancy lie close second right?

Fred goes into details of a sad but hilarious story of how an Ex gave him the Pregnancy Spill. had him picking up extra shifts for that potential crib and them blinky Doo’s. Temi also talks about frequent pregnancy scares he received way back.. thank God we have grown up and girls have stopped doing this (we hope!)

Whats the advice in this situation; have standards, have sex with people who you wouldn’t mind them having your child if it came down to it. Easier said than done but guys; let stop shooting ourselves in the foot with random chicken heads.

And to anybody who is still doing pregnancy scares…PISS OFF. Your momma taught you better than that!