If you’re black You have to run skip hop and jump to what the white man can walk to. Now yes there are a lot of colours, races religions or ethnicities in-between, but you have not had it as hard as black people. We use the word nigga, but we like many other black people use the word with different connotations that what it was originally used for. We took a negative word and applied some swag to it.

Heres the question though… can you put a positive spin on something negative if its been connected to so much pain? Now we are in the same position as we once was as a race, but it doesn’t mean we are in a fantastic position; we have seen the outrageous examples of police brutality. racism exist and is more flagrant; but not only are terms like nigga derogatory; we are even disgusted by the terms refugee and asylum seeker. doesnt sound to pleasant and almost alientates

Back to the point…we are so quick to downgrade and troll each other. We are doing their job for them. Divide and conquer. We want to bring back conversation and unity. Not just amongst white black people but the world.

And one more thing… Don’t white people like chicken?