Ever had somebody tell you who you are? and they know nothing about what its like to walk a day in your shoes? Some womens expectation of men are so high, even though some can only bring a chair and plate to the table….

Women always have this idea of what it is to be a ‘REAL MAN’ and frankly; we feel it revolves around them. Protectors – to protect them. Providers – to provide for them. Work – to make money to spend on them.
so a man has no self preservation? So brotherhood has nothing to do with being a man? self worth is nothing to a man?

This time the BOYS get a female to share her ideas before we break it down and give our views. Fred delves into his experiences in homelessness and explains how it was growing up without his father which a lot of men have done. Temi goes into experiences of not feeling so manly

We are still understanding ourselves everyday as we experience life so we are not even 100% – We admit it… but to admit weakness is a strength right?

Moral of the story is; don’t let anybody, especially a woman dictate to you what it is to be a man.

Every man’s situation is different. Have your morals and stick to them; ‘be the best version of yourself’; live freely.