We don’t know about you but ‘cheating’ can be very healthy for a relationship. All that built up anger released into someone else. We don’t know; what do you think? Does ‘cheating’ have its pro’s?

If you are both open to it, it’s cool right? But it is again a case of double standards in favour of the male. It’s so much worse when a girl cheats. You are supposed to be better than us more faithful and all of that jibber jabber. You’re supposed to be able to control yourselves!

In this episode we take a few calls to get the women’s prospective. We can hear that anger in their voices. girls have been wanting to get back at us for a while. So we are called a few things but we can take it on the chin… Equal opportunities

And Fred did say it ‘virgins do still exist’. Side chicks have an important role to play. But most importantly; How do you get from being the side girl to the main girl? That triple A pass. What do you have to do to meet the parents and be allowed to walk around the rest of the house?

And one more thing ladies. We are smarter than you. We will win. We will complete the game. We will allow you to think you are going to win. But when we get that first nut; game over. That waiting game means nothing. We will wait.