Well… what would you do??

Everybody can look at the president and say they should have done this or they should have done that… but its easy for a spectator to watch and comment. This week we put ourselves in the position of ruler of the world

What are the things we see as unnecessary and what are the things we should bring back from times before us. Apart from eating the forbidden fruit that has doomed us for the rest of life on earth; Adam and Eve were stark naked and happy right?. Imagine if we got rid of clothes and you could be seen for what you are straight away… its a thought

Of course we would stop war, police brutality etc but thats cliche and goes without saying. We are the BOYS. We break it down our way and explore other things in everyday life like marriage, money and even make-up which ladies cant live without and bamboozle us guys with everyday. Lets not even talk about weaves!

Just a side note…How do girls call guys ugly or not good looking when they have loads of make up on and he comes out his house natural???… We wear our pimples and spots with pride, swag and acceptance

Aint no such thing as equality because everybody will always get the short end of the stick… but… hey… We tried