Well…The episode goes into exactly what the title says. Nothing new here right? But we go into both perspectives; that of the person being cheated on and that of the Home-wrecker!

Guys; are you a fool to believe you haven’t been cheated on at least twice? lol. Seriously; We always tend to have this invincible thing about us. We all know somebody that claims ‘she could never cheat on me’… really though? Do you hold her hand when she goes to the toilet? Do you work with her? Is she always with her girls when she says she is? If you can confirm her whereabouts at all times; brilliant! We will discuss stalkers at a later date anyway!

Just throwing it out there… If you have been like most guys who have been in a home-wrecking position; why think you are exempt. You think that sword isn’t double edged?

There’s a term that ‘All boys are dogs’; this may be true… But lets not remove the Bitch that is needed to complete the equation…Pun intended 😉

Fact is; men cheat; women cheat; it happens. The real questions are; who cheats more passionately? And can you cheat without emotions attached?