As black people why do we shoot down other black people. its the crabs in the bucket theory isnt it

Things that were created by blacks for example rap, we constantly downgrade it.

We’ve been programmed to believe everything that is black or black owned is trash. Fred is trying to actively reprogram himself and believe black is beautiful. So fuck the terms black on black crime and many other negative things associated with black people. As if other races don’t do the same crimes. crimes are done by humans, not specific races

Does this all start from nurturing and education though? The education system has also failed us and and killed our imagination. All we are taught is black people are slaves and white people are God, Jesus and Santa and the odd nelson mandela
Rather than religious, we are spiritual and have faith in something higher than us. We are also instilling this faith into the black community to become great once again. It’s going to take more than a #. We must stop waiting for celebrities and hastags to save us. You have to wake up everyday and go get whatever it is yourself.