Is everybody basic and just trying to look more special than the other person? Or is it basic people that are trying to look more relevant?

Social media has made people act like they are the freshest thing out since sliced bread. You are not the only one? We should celebrate our cultural differences and different blends we are made of country wise; but don’t get carried away thinking you are more special than somebody else! Whether just Nigerian or you have Spanish, Chinese with a little Jamaican in you; we are all equal.

People do funny things on Social media sometimes. We boast titles that should be expected; for example, we have seen quite alot of profiles with ‘FULL-TIME MOTHER. Is this not every woman that has a child? sounds like a glorified title that should be expected from any mother. Women, we ask you; is this a title to be used only if you are not employed by some body and only look after your child? if so, is a woman that is employed by somebody a part-time mother?

what about the dads that get the child on the weekends; are they part-time fathers?. Its a funny subject but there may be an underlying issue. Whether it be stop glorifying the norm or stop wanting to be thanked or appreciated for the norm.

if you have a child, you are a parent at all times whether the child is in your presence or not; or work full-time or not PERIOD.
Ahh… what do we know anyway, we’re just some 90s babys, and you know what they say about us…