This Soliloquy Temi talks about the importance of support

We are all dedicated to different journeys and endeavours that require a lot of time and energy. As well as the ground work we put in on our own projects and businesses, we need the help of our peers and immediate circles.

Support can be in many ways; not just money. Some of your friends may need help with purchasing of products but if you havent got money you can always tweet, share, spread the word – hell you can even say something negative (no such thing as bad publicity). So much people support celebrities; nothing wrong with this at all. The question is, how do you expect uplift of your friends when you support strangers more?

I will support my friends to the death of me; and if somebody says ‘you only support because its your firends’ i will agree…. Problem? should i be ashamed of that? are you ashamed of that?

More time lack of support comes from being selfish – think about it. YOU wouldnt share something because YOU dont want people to look at YOU in a certain way. Support isnt always about YOU, its for everyone. Somebody may like what your peers are doing, its not always about YOU. (take this with pinch of salt, not saying support somebody that wants to blow up a building; i did not say that)

Remember the share, like, retweet and comment button is free. we live in an age where support is much easier; i personally feel like there is no excuse

If you dont support those around you, dont be suprise when celebrities continue to prosper and people around you stay where they are.