A Rock And a Hard Place

Have you ever been caught between a rock and a hard place?

Out on a date and you catch someone you know cheating (Or what looks like is cheating anyway); Now you are an accessory to the crime!

What would you do; confront the person or just go and snitch before you have all the details?

Could be the persons family member or something along those lines right? cant just jump to conclusions and act erratically. Although your mind is racing; you have to be logical

Fact is there is a process to handling these situations; so how do you do so without intruding too much? Nobody wants to get involved in a persons relationship; and definitely not marriage, but sometimes you do have to step in… its what a friend should do. What if the tables were turned? Would you want somebody to be silent about what they saw or let you know?

Whilst on the subject; would you ever be in a Polygamous marriage. Cheating is never a possibility so there are no risks in that department. To be fair, 90s babies are so crazy we will find some way or form to break the rules..wont we.


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